The Executive Committee oversees the State Office operations and currently meets quarterly in the State Office in Camp Hill.

The Executive Committee reviews expenditures by the State Office in excess of $10,000.00, reviews and approves all benefits offered by PARSE, recommends a budget to the Governing Board, recommends changes in the Bylaws to the Governing Board, receives reports from the State Office, and considers and recommends other pertinent issues that concern our members and retirees, in general.

Current standing committees include the Audit Committee, the Government Relations Committee, the Parliamentary Committee, the Benefits Committee, the Bylaws Committee and the Credentials Committee. These committees are composed of a State Officer and volunteers from each of the five PARSE regions.

With the exception of the Audit Committee, the committees meet irregularly at the call of the Chairman of the committee. The Audit Committee meets several times a year in order to audit the State Office and five different local Chapters on a revolving basis each year.