Membership Has Its Privileges

PARSE continually researches new benefit offerings which will bring value to our Members. Through the collective purchasing power of PARSE, group discounts and group rates are available to all Members.Current Member Only benefits include the following options below.

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Comprehensive GROUP Dental Insurance administered by America’s premier dental insurer, United Concordia Companies, Inc. (UCCI), a subsidiary of Highmark Blue Shield. Coverage includes all major categories of dental services.

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Fashion Advantage Vision Plan, provided by Highmark’s Vision subsidiary, Davis Vision, Inc. Benefits include a routine vision examination and payment for vision correction via the use of eyeglasses (frames and lenses) or contact lenses.

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Long Term Care Insurance

PARSE endorses some of the most highly rated and stable Long Term Care Insurance companies. You choose an individualized plan to meet your needs: coverage includes care in your own home, care in an assisted living facility or care in a nursing home. Many of the companies offer premium discounts just for being a member of PARSE

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Routine hearing tests provided FREE by TruHearing contracted professionals. If the need for correction is indicated, patients may take advantage of deep discounts for the highest quality in hearing instruments from top-rated manufacturers (see list on attached flyer).

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Home Health Care

This benefit offers PARSE memebrs care at home or in a facility. Benefits can be customized to fit your needs and your budget. Short term care programs can provide the protection you need at afordable costs. PISI can build a plan to meet your needs and give peace of mind that you have a program in place.

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Term Life Insurance

Prices are going down…have you compared your coverage lately? Pricing available from multiple top-rated carriers. Level plans for 10, 15,20 25 and 30 years of coverage.

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Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance

Cancer, heart attack and stroke can happen to anyone, even those living a healthy lifestyle. These conditions may not be preventable, but Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance can protect you from some of the costs. This Insurance pays lump sum benefits directly to you, or someone you designate, to use any way you choose - regardless of any other insurance coverage you have, including Medicare.

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ID Theft Assist

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America; affecting some 9 million American’s every year. ID Theft Assist is the only true third party recovery service for identity theft victims. While many “recovery” programs will tell you what to do, the representatives at our 24-hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week Emergency Call Center actually do the recovery work for you. Use the link below for more information on this program.

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Final Expense Insurance

No one likes to think about this now, but early planning can give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken care of your final expenses so your loved ones don’t have to. Our Final Expense whole life insurance plan can help minimize the emotional and financial burden a loss could have on your family. It can help fund your final wishes.

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Medical Air Services Association


MASA provides pre-paid medical emergency assistance 24/7 anywhere in the world.

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PISI/AMBA Benefits

Contact Team

The PISI/AMBA contact team provides benefits information and reviews for PARSE members. These services are provided at no cost or obligation to members. You can arrange for a review by contacting PISI/AMBA at the number provided below. You can also go the the site listed below to see the team members and a form to submit for information.

Call: 1-800-382-1352

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